What’s new?
I championed a new corporate approach to post-close integration and helped to implement that approach. Historically, the company has integrated acquired businesses cautiously and methodically, communicating on an as-needed basis so we didn’t rock the boat, taking our time and avoiding mistakes. This is easier for the acquirer and feels safer. From my peers in corporate development, I learned of the great divide this creates between employees of the two organizations, which then impacts operations. In reality, post-close financial results and target employee productivity can most benefit from speed and transparency. I presented this new philosophy internally, and we adopted it. Early results indicate it was the right path to take and is one we will continue to pursue in the future. In addition to a willingness to embrace appropriate risk, a key characteristic of successful growth is corporate humility and being able to evaluate the status quo objectively.

How are you a champion for change?
I mentor a group of middle-school girls. I have a unique position as someone outside of their family who can tell them that “Yes, you are smart, you are capable, and you can do it.”