What’s new?
I was promoted to managing director, having successfully pivoted from an industry origination role to an M&A product expert. I can’t underestimate what a significant pivot this has been. Making this transition was risky, as it required a different mindset and approach toward deal sourcing, generation, and execution. I had to become more knowledgeable in multiple sub-sectors, while also developing expertise in one transactional product. I worked with many different origination partners, all of whom brought their own unique style of dealmaking. In 2019, I completed six very complex transactions. For each assignment, I took a lead role in the entire process, from negotiating structure to navigating tricky process dynamics. Dealing with buyers and sellers is always sensitive, even more so during periods of extreme market volatility like we experienced this year.

How are you a champion for change?
I am taking a more global view of the dealmaking landscape, and encouraging my colleagues to do the same. Specifically, I am talking to clients more often about considering buyers and target companies in Asia and Europe. I have quickly become an expert in cross-border transactions, highlighted by Celestica’s acquisition of Impakt Holdings for $329 million.