Describe a recent accomplishment.
I led teams on several cutting-edge deals in 2019. For example, we represented the acquiror in one of the only dual track (M&A vs. IPO) deals of the year. The competitive nature of the deal required us to look creatively at key issues to enable the deal to proceed in a compressed timeline with appropriate protections for our client.

How are you a champion for change?
Given my experience of often being the only woman, and almost always the only woman of color at the negotiating table, I am keenly aware of the need to mentor and encourage future generations of women and diverse lawyers. I am honored to serve as a mentor and trusted advisor to a number of law students and law firm associates who reach out for career guidance in the law, especially those interested in M&A where there are very few women and diverse lawyers. It is useful for young women lawyers to see that M&A is not a “boys club” and there are many opportunities to have a flourishing and rewarding career as a deal lawyer. By providing this much-needed mentoring and guidance, I hope to share my personal experience and judgment to assist in issues they confront, including encouraging them to seek to enhance the key skills necessary to excel in the dealmaking landscape.