Zoom said Monday that it is buying Five9 for $14.7 billion. We all know mega deals are back, but this one is particularly interesting beyond the large price tag.

Zoom became essential for remote workers during quarantine. But all companies must be able to pivot as markets and cycles shift if they want to keep their brands relevant and their revenues flowing.

Five9 makes cloud-based software that uses artificial intelligence to help companies answer questions from customers and interact with them regardless of language, location or device. Some of its customers include: Under Armour, Athena Health and Lululemon.

The deal is not a far stretch for Zoom, which will use Five9 to help grow its cloud-based calling product Zoom Phone. More companies are shifting away from traditional call centers and instead are using other AI services, such as chat, for customer service as part of their digital transformation.

As in any acquisition, a company is putting a lot on the line when it pays a large sum for a new product or service, but in this case, Zoom needs to take the risk to adapt as more people return to the office.

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Demitri Diakantonis