Huron Capital’s Danielle Lalli has quickly become a stand-out member of the firm’s execution team. She holds the title as the most active vice president in terms of closing add-on acquisitions for the portfolio. In her two years at the firm, Lalli has closed 10 add-on acquisitions for two different platform companies and has two more under letter of intent. Lalli is also the first female execution hire at Huron.

Since joining Detroit-based Huron, Lalli has been promoted from VP-1 to VP-2 and is on track for further promotion. Prior to joining the firm, Lalli was a PE investment associate at American Securities. In this role, she conducted due diligence to evaluate investment opportunities while providing support to existing portfolio companies. She started her career as an investment banking analyst for UBS in the Power & Utilities group. Lalli is a graduate of the University of Michigan and received an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Lalli recently quarterbacked three add-on acquisitions almost simultaneously for Pueblo Mechanical & Controls Inc., an HVAC repair and replacement company. Lalli led the financing process for the deals, managed the diligence streams, prepared the internal materials for Huron’s investment committee and worked with the owners and management team at Pueblo to ensure success. She then helped Pueblo management get ready to integrate the three companies that were acquired in a period of five weeks.

“I am very proud of the work I have completed at Pueblo. It has been extremely rewarding to see this company evolve from a small business at inception to the larger enterprise it is today. We have invested in Pueblo with a growth mindset, stimulating job creation and positioning them for a strong and successful future,” says Lalli.

Lalli was initially attracted to private equity because she loved learning about different industries and businesses as well as building relationships. She quickly learned the challenge is figuring out to partner with the right managers and subsequently invest in and grow businesses together. She appreciates the platform Huron gave her as well. “At Huron, we are empowered to think outside the box, and this enables us to be flexible and create opportunities for both business owners and ourselves as investors, which is easily my favorite part of the job,” says Lalli.

Lalli has been instrumental in revamping Huron’s associate recruitment process. She took the initiative on soon after joining the firm, because she felt the recruitment processes in place were too slow in today’s tight job market. She is now managing the firm’s outreach and selection process for associates, which has allowed Huron to broaden its reach and bring young talent on board.

Lalli volunteers at Detroit’s Belle Impact Fund, an early-stage fund that invests in high-growth companies in the underserved market of women-led companies. She reviews financial statements, business plans and financial projections to help the Belle team assess opportunities. “It is very important to me to help empower female business leaders across industries, and to be able to leverage my PE background and skillset to enable direct investment in these companies is a privilege.”