There probably aren’t many things more frustrating for businesses than to waste their time and money on complicated software. Hybrid and remote work has made IT developers busier than ever, and the technology industry is rapidly evolving. So the easier the software is to use, the better for everyone. Atlanta-based Resurgens Technology Partners thinks it found an interesting, growing segment of the software sector.

No-code application development is a category of software tools that offers users easy-to-use drag-and-drop interfaces to build custom applications, data and workflows without writing code. Resurgens recently invested in Knack. Knack’s software is aimed to allow customers to manage data, automate processes and streamline workflows, taking the burden off IT teams.

What can be easier than that? Maybe easy enough that Resurgens is betting on growth in this subsector as the tech-focused PE firm is hunting for deals.

Now is a good time to buy a tech company. Dealmakers are telling us that the market correction has made valuations in the sector come down, creating fresh opportunities for buyers.

As Knack CEO Derek Hutson explains, “as demand for more software capabilities continues to expand, time to market and access to development resources continue to be headwinds to innovation. The rapid expansion of no-code solutions is an obvious answer to this dilemma.”

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