Mergers & Acquisitions names 2021 Top 25 Most Influential Women in Mid-Market M&A, including Barings’ Mina Pacheco Nazemi.

What’s new?
In 2020, I have spent a lot of time connecting with limited partners who are interested in investing in the lower-middle market, emerging managers and women/diverse managers. I have found that investors need the tools and relationships to effectively invest in those segments of the market. I have pulled together LP sessions to connect investors to ensure that great investment opportunities in these segments of the market are not overlooked. Finding new LPs who can support women/diverse talent in a virtual world has been a huge accomplishment.

How are you a champion for change?
In the last three years at Barings, I have started to change the mindset that it is possible to structure investments that generate a double bottom line (financial returns and social impact returns). I have proven that it is not necessary to sacrifice financial returns to have a social impact (diversity, job creation, creation of quality jobs and economic development). Effective allocation of capital supports long-term job growth, helps produce quality jobs, and accelerate economic output in local communities particularly in underserved markets. Investment success will produce a ripple effect.

How are you a champion for inclusion and equality?
The wealth gap has continued to expand, largely driven by imbalanced management of companies and has disproportionally affected the lower/working class and most notably people of color. Asset allocators can control which businesses can fail or succeed by the capital outflows and inflows. I have worked hard to help asset allocators understand that they can be part of the solution.