Yahoo has acquired The Factual, an algorithm-driven news rating company.

With the deal, Yahoo will use The Factual to provide consumers with an analysis of news stories by rating articles with a media bias and credibility score. Yahoo aims to continue bringing trusted news and information to its consumers while building on the company’s future vision of news. Arjun Moorthy, CEO and co-founder of The Factual, and Ajoy Sojan, CTO and co-founder, will join Yahoo and take on product and engineering leadership roles in the organization.

“I’m thrilled to have The Factual join Yahoo in a time when access to trusted information is more critical than ever,” says Matt Sanchez, president & GM of Yahoo Home Ecosystem. “The combination of Yahoo’s journalism and our publishing partners’ content with The Factual’s news rating algorithm will bring a new level of transparency to Yahoo users, enabling them to make informed decisions on their news sources.”