Ivy Rehab, an outpatient musculoskeletal rehabilitation and pediatric services provider backed by Waud Capital Partners, has partnered with Maximum Performance Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation, adding two clinics to its portfolio.

In 2013, James Van Dien and Paige Palmer founded Maximum Performance Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation in North Arlington, N.J. The company added a new clinic in New Milford in 2021. Maximum Performance offers education in myofascial release, selective functional movement assessment, kinesiology taping and agility, speed and quickness training to support patient needs.

“Joining Ivy Rehab will provide my team with further support to deliver high-quality care to our patients. We are committed to clinical excellence and share mutual goals to deliver specialized, one-on-one care,” says Palmer. “I’m looking forward to tapping into the educational opportunities that Ivy Rehab provides to advance my skill set.”