BlueGrace Logistics has added Adam Blankenship, BlueGrace chief commercial officer, to the digital LTL council. The executive advisory board was established with the aim of facilitating collaboration, automation, standardization, and digitalization across all LTL stakeholders in an effort to evolve and elevate the industry.

“As market leaders in both LTL and Truckload, BlueGrace is honored to accept a role with the council to help streamline best practices, decrease errors and improve on-time and cost-savings for shippers,” said Bobby Harris, president and CEO of BlueGrace Logistics.

“As a council, we’re looking to meet the challenges of today’s LTL marketplace by simplifying digitization efforts across platforms to better ensure shippers, carriers and 3PLs work more efficient,” said Blankenship. “In order to create lasting impact, collaboration is needed from different organizations and industry experts alike. Inclusion in the council can help support a better LTL future for freight.”

“On behalf of the digital LTL council members I welcome Adam and BlueGrace Logistics to the organization,” said SMC chief commercial officer Brian Thompson. “Adam’s leadership and industry experience includes years of leading-edge technology adoption at BlueGrace Logistics, and will contribute to delivering the council’s mission of developing the first-ever set of scalable, uniform standards around digital LTL automation.”