Veon Ltd. (NASDAQ: VEON), a global provider of connectivity and internet services, has acquired IBS DataFort, a cloud IT infrastructure provider. The deal was completed by Veon’s VimpleCom Russian subsidiary that runs the Beeline mobile operator brand.

IBS is a growing provider of IT and security services and a growing cloud computing company in Russia. The deal will enable Veon’s Beeline mobile operator to expand its portfolio of cloud services for business customers. Beeline intends to jointly develop new products and integrated services at the intersection of cloud, cybersecurity, big data analytics and IoT.

“Augmented intelligence, based on big data, is a foundation of all the products that we offer to our business customers and a key enabler of our digital operator strategy,” said Kaan Terzioglu, CEO of VEON Group. “The acquisition of IBS DataFort will enable us to expand our technological capabilities by bringing together our internal expertise and connectivity assets with the know-how and proven performance of IBS DataFort.”