Salty snack company Utz Brands Inc. has announced that its subsidiaries are acquiring two New York direct store delivery distributors, Clem Snacks Inc. and J&D Snacks Inc.

Clem is a distributor based in Brooklyn that serves New York City and Long Island, while J&D serves the Bronx. Combined, the two firms have around 125 DSD routes, which Utz predicts to accelerate its share gains in the salty snack category across these geographic areas and provide enhanced retailer support with increased distribution facilities, higher service velocity, and an expanded route distribution system. Utz has been collaborating with New York retailers to expand its presence and increase distribution for over twenty years, resulting in accelerated sales growth for several Utz brands.

“We are excited to build on the solid foundation and stellar reputation that the Clem and J&D teams have built,” said Steve Liantonio, senior vice president of national sales operations of Utz. “These two key distribution partners have been representing and distributing Utz’s brands in the five boroughs of New York City and Long Island, NY over the last twenty five years, and we look forward to working closely with our independent operator network to expand and grow our expansive portfolio of brands in this vibrant and diverse market. The opportunity for growth and expansion remains robust and we are poised to drive it to new heights.”