Made4Net, a provider of cloud-based supply chain execution and warehouse management services and portfolio company of Thompson Street Capital Partners, has acquired Zethcon.

Zethcon is a warehouse management service software provider that offers a cloud-based product platform designed for third-party logistics. The resulting business combination brings together Zethcon’s 3PL WMS services with Made4net’s WMS product leadership across a spectrum of end markets.

“The continued growth of ecommerce and omnichannel is massively disrupting in-house supply chain operations and distribution requirements for outsourced 3PL operators,” said Tom St. Geme, vice president, Thompson Street Capital Partners. “The combination of Zethcon and Made4net creates a world-class WMS software provider with innovative solutions tailored to the needs of the mid-market; it now further enables both 3PL and non-3PL customers to modernize their supply chains through automation and real-time visibility.”