SpotSee, a provider of condition-indicating services that protect life sciences products against damage across the supply chain, has acquired the assets of Biosynergy Inc., a manufacturer of medical devices used to monitor core temperature of red blood cells.

Biosynergy’s HemoTemp devices are FDA validated and monitor blood bags to indicate core temperatures. The firm’s devices are used in major hospital services and blood labs across North America. The firm will add to SpotSee’s portfolio of products used to monitor the condition of various life sciences related products and devices.

“SpotSee is the ideal owner for the next generation of Biosynergy and its technology,” said Fred Suzuki, CEO, Biosynergy. “Their global sales, marketing and distribution network combined with manufacturing scale will help the HemoTemp brand protect blood recipients throughout the world.”

“This acquisition enables SpotSee to strengthen our mission of reducing damage to products through both the supply and cold chain by adding blood temperature monitoring to our large and growing life science segment,” stated Tony Fonk, CEO, SpotSee. “The Biosynergy HemoTemp® brand is a market leader in blood bag monitoring that protects patients from receiving blood that has been exposed to excessive temperature. Its targeted focus and reputation of success makes it a great addition to our temperature-indicating solutions.”