SimioCloud, a Moore company, has launched its constituent data platform functionality, which identifies potential donors across platforms and devices to create personalized marketing solutions for nonprofits. SimioAudience seeks to expand beyond mail for donor acquisition and retention.

“SimioCloud is a one-of-a-kind CDP that allows our clients to efficiently model and target donors across every channel,” said Gretchen Littlefield, chief executive officer at Moore. “Print is now a digital canvas; you can put as many variables on a sheet of paper as you can on a webpage. The combination of our digital presses and SimioCloud gives the marketer true one-to-one communication in direct mail, email and even connected TV.” 

“With SimioAudience, our clients can reach constituents through all direct channels, including mail, digital, connected TV and phone,” said Doug Kaczmarek, chief data officer at Moore. “Nonprofits can now market across channels seamlessly, meeting donors where they are with personalized fundraising solutions that will result in larger gifts and deeper relationships with the organizations.”