SFW Capital Partners LP has completed a majority investment in Captify Technologies Ltd., a “privacy-first” search technology company. Captify’s cookieless search Intelligence builds audiences and delivers consumer insights from search events that global brands and advertising agencies use to power their programmatic media and marketing strategies. Existing investors, including management, will be reinvesting a portion of their proceeds into the company.

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in London, Captify is a privacy-centric, first-party, search data ecosystem that does not rely on third-party cookies.

“We are very excited to partner with Captify co-founder and CEO Dominic Joseph and his team in supporting the growth of the most powerful search intent data-driven marketing solution serving the open web,” said Omair Sarwar, partner at SFW. “Captify delivers higher performance than alternative solutions, all while focused on ensuring consumer privacy. The combination of this remarkable value proposition and the recent launch of its self-serve platform underpins a very strong historical annual growth rate that we will look to accelerate going forward.” 

“SFW Capital came to us with a unique advantage in understanding data-driven business models, with deep domain expertise in the search data ecosystem,” said Joseph. “As the global advertising industry prepares to put privacy first and advertisers actively shift their dependencies away from Google, Captify is uniquely positioned to deliver intent-based advertising from search data. More importantly, to do so in the most privacy-centric way and in support of the open web. We are forging a new era of advertising for everyone—the consumer, the advertiser and the publisher. The team at SFW recognizes the huge global market opportunity that we are in prime position to capture. This, along with SFW’s history of investments in founder-led businesses, gives us great confidence that they are the right partner for our next stage of growth.” 

SFW has a long history of investing in information and data-centric software businesses including GLG, a global information platform that provides insights for knowledge professionals; Agdata, a provider of sales and marketing data for the agricultural sector; and MD Buyline, a leading provider of healthcare analytics and supply chain spend intelligence.