RF Investment Partners, a provider of structured growth capital, has made an additional strategic investment in InterCool USA LLC, a design-build firm focused on commercial and industrial refrigeration.

InterCool provides services such as self-performed engineering, design, construction, project management, startup and commission, aftermarket care and emergency services and response to the food and beverage, low-temperature cold storage, distribution and logistics, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries. Since RF’s initial investment in 2019, Intercool has doubled its revenue and employee base. The most recent investment has supported the expansion of the company’s capabilities, including the opening of a new fabrication-compressor repair facility in York, Pa, earlier in 2022.

“We are proud to maintain a position of financial and strategic strength in an industry that is critical to our customers and the nation’s food infrastructure,” says Patrick Riggio, RF director. “The team at RF is looking forward to a successful, innovative future of differentiated growth for InterCool and its customers.”