Revitalist Lifestyle and Wellness LTD has acquired a 60% interest in Revitaland Meta Tech Inc. to expand virtual clinics in the metaverse.

Going forward, the development of Revitaland will be undergone by Metachain Technologies, a firm experienced in developing metaverse applications and owner of the remaining 40% interest. The metaverse is a network of real time rendered 3D worlds and simulations that can be experienced synchronously by an unlimited number of users.

Revitalist is a publicly traded firm focused on providing comprehensive care provided by medical professionals, mental health experts and chronic pain specialists. The firm will look to expand Revitaland into a virtual clinic within the metaverse.

“A virtual clinic offers patients an alternative to traditional treatment options and also puts Revitalist at the forefront of the virtual interactive world as it relates to mental health,” added Matthew Connelly, CEO of META. “Our team will work closely with Revitalist to ensure patients have a quality experience when visiting Revitaland. Technology in the metaverse is changing at a rapid pace with large technology companies such as Facebook and Microsoft spending a significant amount of time and resources to deploy projects in the metaverse.”