Backlight, a media technology provider, has launched the firm and has acquired five fast-growing media software firms including Ftrack, Iconik, Celtx, Wildmoka, and Zype. The firm is backed by an investment of over $200 million from growth equity firm, PSG.

Backlight serves media, entertainment, and video-forward customers and provides cloud-based services that enhance the media content lifecycle. Ftrack offers production tracking, interactive media review, and team collaboration platforms. Iconik is a cloud-native, SaaS median management service created to share files and collaborate. Celtx is an all-in-one platform offering writing, planning, and media production management.

Wildmonka provides a platform for the development of live and near-live content within sports, news, and entertainment categories. Zype provides infrastructure for digital video along with a cloud-based platform for video management and distribution.

“There is a large market opportunity to improve the way content producers, owners and distributors create value, starting with the media and entertainment industry but extending to any enterprise investing in rich media and video,” said Matt Stone, managing director at PSG. “Our investment in Backlight reflects our conviction in the market, the team, and a vision of a modern media production lifecycle, from ideation to monetization.”