PSG, a growth equity firm partnering with middle market software and technology services firms, in combination with ShieldCo, a PSG V portfolio company, has acquired Traction Guest, a provider of cloud-based visitor management and workforce security software.

Traction Guest ensures safety and security for employees, contractors and visitors through its workforce security platform. The firm serves hundreds of partners and enterprise customers. The firm’s platform is a critical tool across industries ranging from financial offices to manufacturing plants.

The deal represents ShieldCo’s second investment following a previous invested in Sign In App, a provider of workforce risk management software services. The acquisition will help build ShieldCo into a visitor management provider.

“Visitor management and workforce security represents a $12 billion addressable market worldwide, bolstered by increasing demand for simple, clear and compelling tools,” said Jeff Gordon, CEO of ShieldCo and senior advisor at PSG. “With that, we believe Traction Guest and Sign In App have the potential to forge the future of the industry.”