Prescryptive Health, a healthcare technology company, has bought Northwest Pharmacy Services Inc., a nonprofit pharmacy benefit manager.

NWPS looks to make prescriptions more accessible to patients. With the acquisition, NWPS customers will have access to Prescryptive’s mobile services to gain price transparency and save money by shopping between their local network of pharmacies to find the lowest available price. The deal aims to drive Prescryptive’s market growth and expand access to its blockchain-powered mobile services. As part of the transaction, all NWPS staff will join the Prescryptive team.

“We’re extremely proud to serve and empower the diverse membership of NWPS to take control over their health and their budgets with our member-focused, mobile-first prescription management tools,” comments Chris Blackley, Prescryptive CEO. “As the high cost of prescription drugs continues taking a toll on families here in the Pacific Northwest and beyond, this acquisition allows both of our organizations to strengthen our commitment to communities in delivering the most convenient, affordable options to manage their health.”