Pinnacle Dermatology has acquired Kathy Laing, MD’s Practice, expanding its footprint in Michigan.

Pinnacle Dermatology aims to educate, protect and care for its customers’ skin. Pinnacle Dermatology is a female-founded and owned dermatology network in the U.S. The acquisition provides Pinnacle Dermatology with its fourteenth clinic in Michigan and helps further its goal of expanding access to dermatologic care to populations in markets Pinnacle serves.

Dr. Laing opened her practice in Ann Arbor in September of 1998 after being a division head of Dermatology in the Henry Ford Health System. She treats patients for their medical and surgical dermatological problems, specializing in diagnosing skin cancers.

“I am thrilled to have our practice join Pinnacle Dermatology,” said Dr. Laing. “This move will allow us to put even more focus on what is most important – providing the best in patient-centered dermatology care. The opportunity to merge our practice into the Pinnacle Dermatology network gives us access to the resources and shared services of a larger organization so we can achieve greater operational efficiencies, and an even better patient experience. It is the best scenario for us and our patients.”