Phyto Partners, a venture capital fund, is launching its fourth private equity fund – Phyto IV, LP – focused on businesses operating in and around neurowellness and brain health. Phyto Partners has partnered with Ambria Capital for the management of Phyto IV.

Phyto Partners provides early and late stage financing to companies operating in niche health and wellness markets. Phyto Partners is a venture capital fund that invests in businesses operating in and around the Cannabis industry. Ambria combines a comprehensive analytical approach with a network of contacts to connect industry leaders with market opportunities.

“We are seeing emerging companies developing specific solutions for an industry in its infancy, in a market primed for explosive growth,” said Larry Schnurmacher, managing partner at Phyto. “We are early, perhaps very early, but we believe the neurowellness space may develop and unfold much quicker than the cannabis market. We estimate that some of our target companies have a real chance of becoming industry leaders in the next few years.”