Veranex, a technology service provider focused on the medical technology industry and backed by Summit Partners, Accelmed and Laurexa Capital Partners, has acquired Fusion Biotec, a contract engineering and manufacturing firm focused on the diagnostics and medical device industry.

The combination of Veranex’s infrastructure and experience developing diagnostic services and Fusion’s concept-to-production model works to continue the focus of driving the development of diagnostic and medical technology services for regulatory and commercial use. Fusion aims to expand its footprint for product design engineering services across the U.S., with combined company offices now in the eastern, central and western regions.

“Fusion’s similar methodologies and expertise fits seamlessly into Veranex’s robust product design and engineering solutions group, which has multifaceted capabilities, including diagnostic devices, IVD (in vitro diagnostics), and life science development, regulatory, quality and marketing expertise as well as FDA-regulated manufacturing support — all essential for bringing novel diagnostic technology to the market,” comments Tom Daulton, Veranex CEO.