PayrHealth, an Osceola Capital Management portfolio company, has acquired SilverCreek RCM, a full-service revenue cycle management company serving healthcare providers.

SilverCreek delivers its RCM services to support clients’ revenue growth and minimizing administrative burdens to shift the focus back to clients’ patients. PayrHealth provides analytical, contracting, negotiation, credentialing and revenue cycle services to healthcare organizations. The deal allows PayrHealth to offer the RCM service to its clients.

“This is a partnership of two highly compatible companies,” stated SilverCreek founder and CEO Rebecca Light. “We hold similar values and philosophies on doing business: producing a high-quality service for our clients, an emphasis on honesty and integrity, and the importance of bringing positive outcomes in the highly complex business of healthcare.”

“This acquisition combines industry leading payor contracting and revenue cycle experts to deliver lasting value to clients,” added Ben Moe, managing partner at Osceola Capital. “This will serve as a dynamic platform to pursue other strategically aligned acquisitions and RCM tuck-ins.”