Nordic Capital, a European private equity investor, has purchased ProGlove.

ProGlove provides integrated hardware and software services built around wearable barcode scanners with multiple IoT sensors allowing for hands-free data capture.

Nordic Capital is a private equity investor focusing on sectors like healthcare, technology & payments, and financial services. Nordic Capital has invested more than €19 billion in over 120 investments. In partnership with ProGlove’s management, Nordic Capital will enable ProGlove to expand its customer base and invest in product development.

Andreas König, CEO of ProGlove says, “This opportunity to work with Nordic Capital is instrumental for ProGlove to help us gain further momentum on our growth path. Building on Nordic Capital’s tremendous expertise in Industrial IoT and SaaS, we will be in a very strong position to achieve our full potential. We are extremely excited about taking our business to the next level, both in terms of growth as well as innovation.”