Metafy, a platform for one-on-one coaching from accomplished gamers, has acquired GamersRdy, a former competitor. The acquired firm shares a similar mission of helping players improve at the video games they love through coaching, training and development from accomplished video game players.

Following the deal, GamersRdy will bring its roster of over 100 coaches to the Metafy team; the acquisition will quickly expand the firm’s live-learning content offering and further its place in the market. GamersRdy brings over 20,000 active users who receive training for some of the worlds most prominent games, including Rocket League and Fortnite.

Metafy has already seen success on its own as it has over 12,000 students actively participating on the platform with its coaches profiting over $190,000 in September collectively.

“The decision to join Metafy was an important one,” said Alex Gilmore, owner of GamersRdy. ” It was through my conversations with Josh [Fabian] that I realized how ultimately, this would genuinely benefit our coaches, creators and students, enabling them to join a community with bigger growth aspirations while retaining the closeness we’ve already built amongst each other.”