Mercer Global Advisors, a full-service wealth management firm and national RIA, has acquired Wrenn Financial Strategies Inc., a wealth management firm based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Wrenn serves over 150 clients with a total assets under management reaching $238 million. The firm delivers financial planning and portfolio management to HNWs, families and corporate clientele. The firm concentrates on providing financial and investment management using an ensemble team and its three certified financial planner professionals.

“Our industry is starving for talent and we use M&A as an opportunity to acquire it,” stated David Barton, vice chairman with Mercer. “We are a fast-growing national RIA and the need to continually add high quality professionals to serve our growing client base is ever present. M&A is a great tool to add high quality, seasoned professionals, and simultaneously add new capabilities. Wrenn does just that.”

Janice Wrenn and I are at that stage in our careers where business succession, or transition planning, was a top-of-mind awareness,” added Max Wrenn, co-founder of Wrenn Financial. “We have a fiduciary duty to our clients to make sure they are taken care of if, and when, we choose to retire.  In that regard, we were looking to find a partner that we knew would take care of our clients and their families and descendants for years to come at the highest level.  We did our due diligence, and Mercer Advisors was that partner for us.”