Luv Car Wash has closed on five acquisitions for its initial express car wash platform, totaling to 20 in the Southeast.

Luv Car Wash acquired locations from Shiny Shell, Sporty’s, Jeff’s Express, Rocket Express and Hi-Speed Car Wash. The firm will now operate locations in Ft. Lauderdale to Savannah, Georgia. Luv intends on developing new-build locations and to acquire old and new car washes in need of capital improvements.

“Our team is eager to begin the process of bringing these locations up to the LUV standard and creating a passionate customer base in our markets,” said LUV Car Wash co-founder and CDO, JT Thomson. “We will continue to build upon and expand our footprint in these markets as well as others throughout the country.”

“At LUV, we’re committed to creating an amazing guest experience and look forward to building relationships in our new communities as we remodel, rebrand and debut our first car washes in the months ahead. We’re excited to make car washing an experience that is fast, fun and easy across the nation,” added CEO, Darren Skarecky.