Lucid Sight, an independent game studio and developer of games such as MLB Champions and CSC featuring Star Trek, has acquired the open-source multiplayer game engine Colyseus. Lucid Sight will be taking over the Colyseus brand, GitHub, and all social and support channels. Lucid Sight will also be launching a cloud-hosted service to further support Colyseus developers. The creator of Colyseus, Endel Dreyer, will be joining the Lucid Sight team.

Lucid Sight will continue to add to the Colyseus open-source library of features in conjunction with the open-source community. “Downloaded by over 250,000 developers and studios, Colyseus is at the core of thousands of multiplayer projects and games. Over 3,000 developers are active in Colyseus’s community channels, with many contributing to the project,” said Fazri Zubair, CTO of Lucid Sight. “Colyseus is the gold standard for open-source multiplayer game server engines. With the updates we are bringing to the Colyseus framework, we will be helping game developers ‘get to fun faster,’ letting them spend more time iterating their game mechanics and less time optimizing/implementing server code.”