LLR Partners, a private equity firm, has made an investment in Quantum Workplace, a provider of comprehensive employee engagement and performance software. The deal will accelerate Quantum’s growth in its software platform and sales and marketing engine.

Since Quantum’s founding in 2002, the firm has evolved into a full-stack employee engagement, performance management and people intelligence platform. The deal will also enhance Quantum’s data science-based analytics and people-focused intelligence services.

“LR’s significant experience in the HR technology space, coupled with the deep knowledge and capital resources they bring growing and scaling leading software businesses, makes them a strong, strategic partner for us. We look forward to the guidance LLR will afford the Company,” commented Greg Harris, Quantum CEO. “This investment will aid in bolstering our sales and marketing efforts, accelerating our advancement in data science, and unlocking new strategic partnerships and acquisitions.”

”As LLR’s long-time investment focus on HR tech evolved over the past two years, it became clear that the remote/hybrid workforce model is here to stay,” said Sasank Aleti, partner at LLR Partners. “There is increased importance to engage employees and conduct continuous performance conversations amid this competitive, hybrid environment. Quantum Workplace has emerged as one of the leaders in both areas, leveraging unrivaled analytics capabilities to draw essential connections between employee engagement and performance.”