Edmunds GovTech Inc., a provider of software services to local governments and portfolio company of LLR Partners, has merged with Municipal Software, a long-time competitor.

Municipal provides tax collection, utility billing, and fund accounting software for the State of New Jersey. The deal will combine two firms providing software to local governments to streamline operations and increase productivity.

“Today is an exciting day for both MSI and Edmunds, as two like-minded and like-missioned businesses officially join forces,” said CEO and board chairperson, Bob Edmunds. “Bringing together the experience, talent, and passion of our teams will allow us to provide an even better experience for customers. It is particularly important to me, a must have, that any partner of EGTs has a positive culture, strong value system, and a customer first mindset. MSI definitively checks all these boxes. I am extremely happy to welcome both the employees and customers of MSI to the Edmunds’ family.”