Litmus, an email marketing firm, has purchased Kickdynamic, an AI-driven content automation service. As a result of the purchase, Litmus will expand its portfolio of marketing services to include content automation and AI-driven product suggestions.

Going forward, customers of Litmus can efficiently build, test and collaborate on high volumes of emails while also creating highly personalized email experiences that drive revenue outcomes.

Kickdynamic focuses on assisting marketers enhance email potential with its automation platform and Lynx product recommendations, its AI prediction engine. The firm focuses on assisting the production of personalized emails and enables marketers to track on-site activity and subscriber behavior.

“In joining forces with Litmus, the pioneer and market leader in the email space, we have a unique opportunity to enable leading brands with the power of dynamic content,” said Matt Hayes, CEO and co-founder of Kickdynamic. “Customers will be empowered to build individualized, error-free email experiences at scale — experiences consumers actually want.”