IRL, a group messaging social network, has acquired Aebeze Labs, a provider of certified digital nutrition.The deal will serve to help IRL create a platform that empowers personal discovery and facilitate group communication.

Aebeze Labs provides services for consumers, military and enterprise partners and has created a unique approach to addressing messaging, digital consumption and neurotransmitter analytics. The firm’s IP includes 16 patents that are both approved and in stages of approval. Its digital assets include Moodrise, a consumer facing app; MoodTube, a mobile tool for the US Air Force; and Moodrise Awards, recognizing the world’s healthiest digital content.

“We’re proud to join an organization with enormous reach, helping shape, support, strengthen and advance the mission and mandate of creating healthier online experiences,” says Aebeze Labs founder, Michael Phillips Moskowitz. “We look forward to working to ensure that the IRL userbase is delivered high-quality content that establishes ethical engagement, curating content that enriches users and communities through meaningful consumption that helps, not hurts, mental health.”