Iris Software Group, a global provider of accountancy software, has acquired Doc.It, a document management software developer for CPA firms.

Founded in 2001, Doc.It’s software products aim to help CPA firms to reduce administrative workloads and improve productivity. The move comes as CPA firms across North America are looking to expand and deploy new services. According to Iris, crucial to this is simplifying CPA firms’ delivery of accounting, auditing and tax services while taking advantage of cloud-based software to increase productivity and collaboration with customers in the wake of Covid-19.

“Doc.It joining the IRIS family allows us to supercharge our presence in North America, delivering the functionality CPA firms both want and need in today’s rapidly changing business landscape,” says Elona Mortimer-Zhika, CEO of Iris. “The sheer number of regulatory changes combined with the need to provide strategic counsel during the pandemic, has meant CPA firms need the bandwidth and energy to improve collaboration, and provide value-added services to clients.”