The IMA Group has acquired Redlink Inc., a social security disability evaluation company. This move extends its service area to seven new states and existing markets. The new states of service include Washington, Idaho, Nebraska, Utah, Kansas, Wyoming, and Montana, a part of the more than 35 states where IMA provides medical and psychological evaluations.

Redlink is a regional provider of social security disability evaluations in the western United States. Redlink will continue to operate under its current name to ease the transition for existing clients, and CEO and founder Jeremy Fenlon will remain in place.

“IMA is a leader in our industry and well-known for its commitment to customer service, which dovetails with our business philosophy,” said Fenlon. “Joining this team will allow Redlink to expand its offerings and continue its long-standing practice of providing top-quality exams overseen by the best professionals in the region. It is a great opportunity for our clients and business.”

President & CEO of The IMA Group Dr. Mark Weinberger said, “In the current economy, the demand for quality outsourced SSA and DDS evaluations is greater than ever. We see tremendous potential for growth in the West, as well as a real need for services we offer. As a long-standing provider of CEs, this acquisition is a natural expansion for our company, and we look forward to serving an ever-broadening client base.”