Cube Green Energy, a renewable energy transition company created by I Squared Capital, has acquired three operating onshore wind assets across two states in Germany, totaling 28 megawatts.

The wind farms consist of 17 wind turbine generators and an average operating life of 21 years. Cube Green Energy looks to work on growing the energy generation at the sites through upgrading and repowering the existing technology and contributing to Germany’s net zero goals. Cube Green Energy will work with local stakeholders to optimize the sites for storage services, including utility-scale batteries.

“These acquisitions sit squarely within Cube Green Energy’s ambition to acquire and upgrade aging renewable energy facilities and to supplement with energy storage and hybrid solutions”, states Raghuveer Kurada, chief executive officer at Cube Green Energy. “At Cube Green Energy, we see enormous opportunities in Germany and other countries in continental Europe to improve the efficiency of the renewable energy fleet and we aim to be at the forefront in implementing innovative solutions to enable the replacement of existing base load power with renewable sources.”