Hydro Rein has formed a joint venture with Atlas Renewable Energy and Albras to develop, build and operate a self-production project through a solar plant located in Paracatú, Brazil.

Hydro Rein and Atlas Renewable Energy are forming a joint venture to build the Boa Sorte solar plant, which will supply long-term renewable power to Albras’ primary aluminum plant.

Albras has signed a US dollar denominated PPA with Boa Sorte for an annual supply of 815 GWh from 2025 to 2044. The agreement covers 12 percent of Albras’ annual power consumption. Atlas Renewable Energy is a renewable energy generation company that has developed, financed, constructed, and operated renewable energy projects throughout the Americas since early 2017. Hydro Rein has a significant pipeline of wind and solar projects in Brazil and the Nordics for long-term power supply to Hydro and other industrial off takers. Hydro Rein is developing a range of energy services to assist industries with managing and optimizing its energy consumption.

Albras is a producer of primary aluminum in Brazil with an annual capacity of 460,000 tons and supplies domestic and international markets.