HungerRush, a cloud-based software provider for the restaurant industry, has acquired 9Fold, a New York-based online omni-channel ordering and digital marketing software company.  

“The addition of 9Fold to our portfolio of innovative omni-channel digital ordering offerings will empower our customers to grow their businesses by knowing their customers better,” said Perry Turbes, HungerRush CEO. “This acquisition will help the restaurant industry move further away from relying on third party delivery providers. 9Fold engages customers in a marketing-oriented website which helps them reduce unnecessary costs and gain access to customer data and insights to better market to their customers.”

“The combination of HungerRush and 9Fold provides the industry with the omni-channel ordering technologies that restaurants need now more than ever,” said Matthew Volpe, CEO of 9Fold.  “What makes this next chapter so exciting is that by joining the HungerRush family we are marrying the experience of off-premise digital ordering with on-premise ordering and loyalty.  That full-circle offering is going to be a game-changer for restaurant operations as well as the customer experience in general.”