Groundworks, a foundation and water management services company, has acquired Alpha Foundations. The deal will expand Groundworks’ service area through Florida.

Alpha is a foundation and crawl space repair company with 300 employees across six offices. The firm has built a local reputation for providing its services to homeowners in the Florida region.

The deal will build off of Alpha’s strengths as Groundworks hopes to invest in its employees, marketing and infrastructure. This is the 22nd acquisition made by Groundworks since 2016 and its fifth in 2021. The firm operates 18 brands with 4,000 employees across the nation.

“Alpha Foundations has a dominant history in Florida, and like Groundworks, has been on an aggressive growth trajectory,” said Matt Malone, Groundworks founder and CEO. “As part of the partnership with Groundworks, we will not only invest in the business, but we will also invest heavily in the career development and training of the Alpha employees, so they are empowered to provide better service and support to our customers.”