GMF Capital LLC, a private investment platform, has led a seed investment in sMiles, a platform to earn bitcoin. Participants in the deal include GMF Capital’s Gary Fegel, Laurent Reiss, Alexander Gaukhman and David Young.

sMiles refers to “sats and miles” as the app works to pay sats, fractions of Bitcoin, for things people do regularly including walking, shopping and playing games. The firm uses lighting network micropayments technology and offers backend and API for enterprises looking to integrate micro rewards and micropayments in Bitcoin.

“The intuitive value offering of sMiles caught my eye,” added Gary Fegel. “People can continue with their daily routines while earning valuable sats. That’s a no-brainer that clearly resonates with users globally. Being a believer in web3, I see how sMiles can give power back to the people, step by step.”

“We at sMiles team are happy that Gary and other successful investors are actually sMiles users.” said Ig Berezovsky, sMiles co-founder. “People love sMiles, and with time we will introduce more and more ways to earn Bitcoin. We are adding affiliate partners daily. Competing on steps and sats with sMiles friends comes in the next updates. Then we start to work on our vision of the Bitcoin AR Metaverse. We see our mission in making people healthier, wealthier, and, as a result, happier.”