Global Clean Energy Holdings Inc., a vertically integrated renewable fuels company, has acquired Camelina Company España SL, a camelina crop innovator and seed producer.

CCE is known for developing its own IP in camelina to support a sustainable biofuels value chain. The firm’s IP consists of superior genetics, breeding capabilities, quality planting seed, advanced research and knowledge. CCE and Sustainable Oils, another subsidiary of GCE, will enhance the firm’s portfolio of patented camelina genetics.

The firm has an ongoing breeding program with over 600 camelina germ-plasm lines. Additionally, the firm offers 9 proprietary camelina varieties, enabling the sustainable use of camelina in different crop rotations without displacing primary crops.

“We are excited by the significant synergies that exist between CCE, GCE and SusOils,” said Yuri Herreras Yambanis, director, CCE. “Combining the knowledge and expertise of our organizations provides us the opportunity to further advance camelina research and production in ways that deliver profitable and sustainable advantages for both regenerative agriculture and the renewable fuels industry.”