FiscalNote, a technology provider of global policy and market intelligence, has acquired FrontierView, a growing technology company that empowers 4,000 business professionals at more than 250 global companies.

The firm provides its clients with strategic market intelligence including research, economic and industry data, senior executive network and analyst advisory services. The firm offers strategic market intelligence through a proprietary cloud-based SaaS platform. FrontierView covers over 200 markets and focuses on macroeconomics, geopolitics, state policy, regional politics, healthcare and business strategy.

Going forward, FrontierView will complement and enhance FiscalNote’s intelligence capabilities while leveraging the firm’s portfolio within the risk, ESG and geopolitical advisory product spectrum.

“FrontierView sits at the intersection of diversification and market development within FiscalNote’s overall corporate strategy,” said FiscalNote co-founder and CEO, Tim Hwang. “By further expanding our international coverage and enhancing our holistic content offerings, FrontierView aligns with our proven corporate pathway of rapid and durable growth through organic initiatives and opportunistic acquisitions.”