eMolecules Inc., a chemistry search-and-fulfillment service for early drug discovery research, has acquired Frontier Scientific Inc., and Frontier Agricultural Sciences Inc.

FSI is a provider of chemical materials management and custom research services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, industrial chemical, government and academic sectors, looking to help organizations reduce time to market, internal costs and resource requirements. FAS provides research materials to the entomology research community, aiming to accelerate the development of agricultural chemistry products. All FSI and FAS employees with join eMolecules with the acquisition.

“R&D departments are under enormous pressure to usher drug candidates through clinical development more quickly and at lower operational costs than ever before,” comments Niko Gubernator, CEO and president of eMolecules. “This growing expectation, combined with unstable global supply chains, underscores the need for more robust, cost-efficient chemical supply and management solutions. FSI’s compound management, sample processing, and chemical analytical and procurement services perfectly complement eMolecules’ revolutionary specialty chemistry search-and-fulfillment offerings. The combined companies will offer a comprehensive suite of capabilities that will help our customers run more efficient R&D programs, even in times of uncertainty.  Additionally, FAS’ support of leading agricultural research organizations will serve as an anchor for eMolecules to grow into this important adjacent market.”