MGAC, a North American-based owner’s representation, and project and cost management consultancy, has acquired U.K. property and construction consultants, RLF.

“Our expanded business will create a formidable organization across two continents helping bring the most ambitious project visions to reality,” said Mark Anderson, president and founder of MGAC. “We believe, by combining tools and resources, we can add jet fuel in the form of investment and energy to the U.K. business to provide greater opportunities to our professionals globally, and to better serve our clients. We are very excited to welcome RLF to MGAC.”

“Today is an incredibly exciting day for RLF, and we very much look forward to working together with our new MGAC colleagues in North America as we continue to move forward and prosper,” saidRLF executive partner Sean Clemons, managing director of RLF. “The additional investment, resources, experience, and infrastructure will enhance our offering to clients and broaden our sector expertise.’’

“We quickly realized RLF shared a common vision with our company and there was a real opportunity for a strategic transatlantic expansion,” added Anderson. “We have been working in the U.K. for more than 20 years, and we saw RLF as the ideal firm for us to establish stronger roots in the country and across Europe.