Conductor, an enterprise organic marketing platform, has acquired real-time website auditing and monitoring service, ContentKing. Going forward, ContentKing will be paired with the Conductor platform to provide an end-to-end organic enterprise marketing service.

Conductor intends ContentKing will play a role in its efforts to establish leadership in the technical SEO space in order to improve collaboration between teams. ContentKing’s real-time monitoring will enable proactive and integrated workflow for marketers going forward.

The deal is backed by Conductor’s $150 million in funding from Bregal Sagemount. As a result of the deal, the combined firm will create the first end-to-end organic enterprise platform.

“Since the very beginning, we’ve been committed to building a platform that puts the success of our customers first,”said Seth Besmertnik, Conductor’s CEO and co-founder. “We’re constantly inventing new ways to help organic marketers unlock greater impact across their organizations. That’s why we’re thrilled to welcome ContentKing to Conductor. With Conductor and ContentKing joining forces, digital teams will now be able to proactively ensure constant site best practices and quick triage of any future issues. This will result in more time spent improving the overall content and digital experience, and less time fixing problems, losing revenue, and worrying about something going wrong that you didn’t know about or couldn’t previously identify.”