Cross-Channel customer engagement marketing provider is merging with the portfolio of Martech companies.

CM group, a portfolio of Martech companies focusing on multichannel digital marketing, has announced a merger with Cheetah Digital. Under the CM Group name, this merger hopes to expand both firms’ ability to provide marketing solutions.

The newly formed CM Group envisions significant investments across its portfolio to bring new products to its customer base.

CM Group CEO, Wellford Dillard, stated, “Our merger with Cheetah Digital means CM Group will be well positioned to meet the needs of customers of all sizes and shapes, and we will continue to be their marketing technology partner as they grow by delivering the right technology at the right time, tailored to their industry and built for the scale at which they operate…By keeping each CM Group product distinct and focused on specific verticals or market segments, we deliver superior solutions, expertise, and outcomes for customers when compared to the large volume of generalist solutions in the market today.”

Peter McCormick, Executive Chairman at Cheetah Digital added, “CM Group’s ‘home for every marketer’ model is a completely unique approach in our industry and in broader martech. This merger offers us the opportunity to bring immense innovation to the customers within the CM Group portfolio through an expanded suite of product offerings. The momentum of our ‘innovation engine’ at Cheetah will develop these solutions beyond email to bring net-new value for our customers.”