Capital Square, a national investment sponsor focused on tax-advantaged real estate investments, has added Nate Coughran as an executive vice president of finance and revenue.

Coughran joins the firm following his time as a vice president at real estate investment and development firm, Winstanley Enterprises. During his time with Winstanley, Coughran sourced debt for new acquisitions, led underwriting and analytics, assisted in structuring and capitalization of joint ventures, and oversaw the firm’s monthly cash flow forecasting.

“Nate Coughran brings an exceptional level of expertise to Capital Square’s finance team as executive vice president of finance and revenue, a new position in the firm,” said Louis Rogers, founder and chief executive officer of Capital Square. “With over $500 million in new real estate developments and a goal of $2 billion in new acquisitions this year, Nate will  help the management team maximize the firm’s capital and financial resources to get the maximum bang for our buck. We are thrilled to have Nate join Capital Square’s executive management team.”