Bolt, a checkout and shopper network company, has purchased Tipser, a Swedish-based tech company that enables commerce on any digital surface.

Tipser has operated for 10 years in perfecting its embedded commerce technology platform. The platform allows users to purchase products natively on any service whether its an online publications, mobile marketplace, price comparison site, social media or search engine.

Bolt will look to leverage Tipser’s turn-key publisher marketplaces, touchless merchant integrations and headless implementation capabilities to enhance its Remote Checkout Service. The combined service will work to enable publishers to leverage Bolt’s service and utilize its network of shoppers.

“Tipser and Bolt share the same goal of enabling checkout to take place anywhere,” said Ryan Breslow, founder and CEO of Bolt.  Our acquisition of Tipser couldn’t be more synergistic for the future of remote checkout…By joining forces with Tipser, the sky’s the limit when it comes to unlocking the power of shopper identities to check out everywhere.”