Bioventus Inc., a global provider of innovations for active healing, has acquired Bioness Inc., a global provider of neuromodulation and rehabilitation medical devices through its innovative peripheral nerve stimulation therapy and premium rehabilitation solutions. The acquisition includes the entire portfolio of Bioness products as well as its research and development pipeline. Under the merger agreement, Bioness has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bioventus, and all Bioness employees have become employees of Bioventus.

“Bioness has developed groundbreaking and best in class technologies, and we are excited about the opportunity for Bioventus to further Bioness’ vision of improving the lives of patients,” said Ken Reali, CEO of Bioventus. “We aim to accelerate Bioness’ revenue growth by leveraging our existing global network of approximately 300 sales representatives calling on orthopedic, pain and podiatric physicians as well as expanding market access and reimbursement processing capabilities. Most importantly, we welcome the Bioness team of dedicated employees to Bioventus and look forward to working with them to further market adoption.”